Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz: Choose the right answer.


Future Perfect Continuous Tense Quiz

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I ________ working for two years.

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We ________ been waiting long.

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It's a 24-hour relay. They'll only have been ________ for half the time by 6pm.

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Will you ________ here for five years by the time of the Christmas party?

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They'll be exhausted by dinner. They will have been _____ hockey for five hours.

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The teachers will ________ for a month by the time the deal is made.

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The films run all night. We ________ movies for four hours by the time the feature comes on.

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She'll still be groggy. She ________ undergoing surgery for four hours.

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Won't they ________ travelling for two weeks by then?

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My dad ________ for two days by the time I see him.

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