Present Continuous Tense Quiz

Present Continuous Tense Quiz

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Present Continuous Tense

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(A) Are they working now?

(B) No, they _________

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Thomas and Patrick __________ outside in the yard now.

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They __________ eating their dinner right now because their food is too hot.

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I _______ dinner because we ordered pizza a few minutes ago.

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Jahid: Are you studying English now?
Sabbir: Yes, I ___________

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It's very noisy upstairs!
What ___________?

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He usually goes for a walk at this time, but he _______ for a walk now.

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Jerin: ________ are you doing?
Kamrul: I'm taking a test.

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Riad: Is your friend sitting down?
Tanvir: No, ________

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What ________ that cat doing over there by the chair?

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