Pursue Meaning in Hindi

Pursue (verb) – पर्सू | pərˈso͞o | /pəˈsjuː/

Pursue Meaning in Hindi

⏩ पाने की कोशिश करना (paane kee koshish karana);

⏩ अननुशीलन करना (Annusheelan karana);

⏩ लक्ष्य रखना (Laksha Rakhana);

⏩ लगे रहना (Laage Rehnaa);

⏩ बजा लाना (Bajaa Laanaa);

⏩ खोज करना (Khuj Kaarnaa);

⏩ पीछे लगे रहना (Piche Laage Rehnaa);

⏩ शिकार करना (Shikaar Kaarnaa);

⏩ पीछा करना (Peecha Kaarnaa);

⏩ जारी रखना (Jaaree Raakhnaa);

⏩ अनुसरण करना (Anusaran Kaarnaa);

⏩ अनुकरण करना (Anukaran Kaarnaa);

⏩ पीछा (Peechaa);

⏩ खोजना (khujanaa);

⏩ खदेड़ना (khaadernaa);

⏩ अनुसरण (Anusaran);

Pursue Definition in English

⏩ continue or proceed along (a path or route).

⏩ follow or chase (someone or something).

Pursue Synonyms

⏩ Trace;

⏩ Trail;

⏩ Hunt;

⏩ Chase;

⏩ Stalk;

⏩ Follow;

⏩ Run after;

⏩ Go after;

⏩ Tail;

⏩ Course;

⏩ Shadow;

⏩ Tag;

⏩ Haunt;

⏩ Seek;

⏩ Harass;

⏩ Preserve;

⏩ Persist;

Pursue Antonyms

⏩Let go;

⏩ Retreat;

⏩ Run away;

⏩ Leave alone;

⏩ Quit;

⏩ Give up;

⏩ Stop;

⏩ Discontinue;

⏩ Ignore;

Pursue Sentence Examples

⏩ The traffic police pursued the van.

⏩ The road pursued a straight course over the scrubland.

⏩ I don’t know how to pursue this, but I have to.

⏩ Dany debated whether to pursue or let John go.

⏩ I’ve tried several times to pursue her, but she wants to end the relationship.

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