Assignment Bangla Meaning

Assignment (Noun) – /əˈsʌɪnm(ə)nt/ | অ্যাসাইন্‌’মেন্‌ট্ | uh ·sain ·muhnt

Assignment meaning in Bengali (বাংলা অর্থ)

কার্য, কাজ, বরাত, কর্তব্য, নির্ধারণ, বণ্টন, স্থিরীকরণ, বিতরণ, নিয়োগ, স্বত্বনিয়োগ, বিভাজন, আরোপণ।

English definition of Assignment

A task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study.

Assignment Synonyms

⏩ Piece of work

⏩ Task

⏩ Duty

⏩ Job

⏩ Labour

⏩ Chore

⏩ Function

⏩ Charge

⏩ Occupation

⏩ Mission

⏩ Errand

Assignment Antonyms

⏩ Firing

⏩ Unemployment

⏩ Keeping

⏩ Blackmail

⏩ Dismissal

⏩ Discharge

⏩ Explusion

⏩ Refusal

⏩ Rejection

Example Sentences of Assignment

⏩ Maruf sent me on assignment to spy on her.

⏩ For reasons she couldn’t explain, Saeed’s assignment irritated her.

⏩ We have got a new assignment for you.

⏩ My boss has given me an assignment which I do not want to complete.

⏩ Suleman Khan was killed while on assignment abroad.


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