Constipation meaning in Bengali

Constipation (noun) kon·stuh·pei·shn | /ˌkɒnstɪˈpeɪʃn/ | কান্স্টপেশন

Constipation Bengali meaning

⏩ কোষ্ঠকাঠিন্য;

⏩ কোষ্ঠবদ্ধতা;

Constipation Definition in Bengali

যখন কেউ সহজে মলত্যাগ করতে সক্ষম না হয় তখন এই শারীরিক অবস্থাকে কোষ্ঠকাঠিন্য বলে।

Constipation Definition in English

A condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels, usually associated with hardened faeces.

Constipation Synonyms

⏩ Alimentary Stoppage

⏩ Costiveness

⏩ Stasis of the lower bowel

⏩ Colic

⏩ Stiffness

⏩ Contraction

⏩ Convulsion

⏩ Twingle

⏩ Hindrance

⏩ Impediment

⏩ Obstruction

Constipation Antonyms

⏩ Loose

⏩ Diarrheal

⏩ Regular

⏩ Unconstipated

⏩ Free

⏩ Diarrhoeal

Example Sentences of constipation

⏩ Excess calcium may lead to constipation and kidney problems.

⏩ Amitabh Bachchan was suffering from constipation in Piku movie.

⏩ In case of constipation, you should eat more fibrous food.

⏩ Banana very cold, may well cause colic; can relieve constipation or diarrhea in certain cases.

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