Nepotism Meaning in Bengali

Nepotism (noun) – নেপটিজ়ম | /ˈnepəˌtɪz(ə)m/

Nepotism Bengali meaning

⏩ স্বজনপ্রীতি;

⏩ স্বজনপোষণ;

⏩ আত্মীয়পোষণ;

Nepotism meaning in English

the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends.

Nepotism meaning in Hindi

⏩ कुलपक्षपात (male)

⏩ कुनबापरस्ती (female)

⏩ संबंधियों का पक्षपात (male)

⏩ रिश्तेदारों की मुहब्बत (female)

Nepotism Synonyms

⏩ Favoritism

⏩ Bias

⏩ Favor

⏩ One-sidedness

⏩ Partiality

⏩ Self-partially

⏩ Self-opinionatedness

⏩ Partisanship

⏩ Prejudice

Nepotism Antonyms

⏩ Indifference

⏩ Dispassion

⏩ Fairness

⏩ Impartiality

⏩ Neutrality

⏩ Open-mindedness

⏩ Detachment

⏩ Objectivity

Example Sentences of Nepotism

⏩ Bollywood film Industry is totally consumed by nepotism.

⏩ Talented film star Sushant Singh Rajput has committed suicide due to the nepotism of Bollywood.

⏩ At present, incompetent people are being employed in all fields due to nepotism.

⏩ We should stop nepotism.

⏩ He promised an end to corruption and nepotism.

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